PPSSPP Gold APK 1.13.2

smrana - October 1, 2022

PPSSPP Gold APK Consoles have consistently sold the most gadgets overall. They were commonplace before smartphones. Although not as powerful

Name PPSSPP Gold
Compatible with Android 2.3+
Last version 1.13.2
Size 9.59 Mb
Category Action
Developer PPSSPP Gold, INC
Price Free
Google Play Link org.ppsspp.ppssppgold
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PPSSPP Gold APK Consoles have consistently sold the most gadgets overall. They were commonplace before smartphones. Although not as powerful back then, their appeal is still strong now. They were so well-liked back then that Sony even produced a portable gaming system called the PlayStation Portable, or PSP.

But having a PSP today wouldn’t make sense given the popularity of cellphones. However, some people miss playing vintage PSP games.

However, you can now play PSP games directly on your smartphone due to PPSSPP Gold! You are able to do this thanks to this well-liked app, which has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play! Read on if you enjoy playing PSP games and would like to do it on your smartphone.

What is PPSSPP Gold?

On gaming systems like the PlayStation and Xbox when we were young, we used to play video games. Before cell phones swept the globe, these were the common means to play games. Since you could back then play literally hundreds of games as long as you had a console, these were a great way to play games. However, with the advent of smartphones, consoles are no longer as necessary as they once were.

What is PPSSPP Gold?
What is PPSSPP Gold?

However, you can now use PPSSPP Gold on your phone to play the old PSP games if you miss them. With the aid of this ground-breaking program, you can simulate a PSP console right on your phone. This implies that you may play PSP games on your phone and download them without any issues! Naturally, the speed depends on how powerful your gadget is, but virtually all PSP games can be played without any issues! Learn more by reading on.

Features of PPSSPP Gold

With the groundbreaking app PPSSPP Gold, you can play PSP games directly on your phone! Apart from that, this program has a ton of other features. Here they are:

Providing a game store

This application is absolutely empty and devoid of any games when downloaded. As you can see, the homepage is a collection of file listings in your memory. Ignore it and access the store by clicking the Homebrew And Demo button instead.

There are many games to choose from, including Cave Story, Battlegrounds 3, Mega Drops, and Attack of the Mutants. Do all Legend games run on Sony hardware?


PSP games have a unique quality that modern mobile games simply can’t match. While for some people it’s the gameplay, for others it’s the narrative. Regardless, we miss playing those games. Thank goodness PPSSPP Gold is available now! With the aid of this ground-breaking app, you can play PSP games directly on your phone.


Simply add the.ISO files to your PPSSPP Gold software, extract them, and then play. Just like that, your smartphone can function as a PSP console! There’s no need to spend money on a genuine PSP when you can use your smartphone instead!

PPSSPP Gold Graphics

In actuality, the PSP’s graphics are merely decent since the games are made to fit its diminutive screen. So you’re suddenly concerned that the visuals will break like a chicken egg being thrown to the ground when using a 6-inch smartphone or a 10-inch tablet, am I right? Although Henrik Rydgrd foresaw this scenario and reconstructed it, we understand your anxiety.

The PSP’s graphics have five times the resolution. Quite a few, impressively. In addition to the texture settings, texture filters, and a selection of post-shading and display layout capabilities, even the most discerning users will be satisfied.

PPSSPP Gold Graphics
PPSSPP Gold Graphics

Of course, editing visuals to enhance quality will fall short of developing them in HD resolution from the start. However, it is achievable, and I believe we should give these efforts a 5-star rating.

Download PPSSPP Gold APK for Android

In essence, Henrik Rydgrd had previously made a free emulator available. He did, however, add that it would not be maintained due to any problems. However, all issues will be resolved with PPSSPP Gold, and the program is dedicated to supporting further advancement.

Download PPSSPP Gold [9.59 Mb]
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