Offroad Outlaws Mod APK 6.0.1 (Unlimited money and gold)

smrana - October 1, 2022

Offroad Outlaws Mod APK is a subset of regular racing. The latter is a considerably more captivating sport because of the challenging

Offroad Outlaws Mod APK
Name Offroad Outlaws
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 6.0.1
Size 189.88 Mb
MOD Unlimited money and gold
Category Racing
Developer Battle Creek Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.battlecreek.offroadoutlaws
MOD Features +

Menu Mod:

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited gold

Note: You can spend money and gold in a negative way



Offroad Outlaws Mod APK is a subset of regular racing. The latter is a considerably more captivating sport because of the challenging obstacles that drivers must conquer before crossing the finish line. Mud, water, and rock are thrown directly in your face by Offroad Outlaws for Android in an effort to slow you down.

You’ll get to operate a wide range of off-road vehicles throughout the game, including jeeps, trucks, monster trucks, dune buggies, and even drones. The game is an explosion of thrilling off-road power.

Battle Creek Games, the studio that created the game, is not well recognized in the sector. This is their second product; their first was a video game about drag racing. But given that Offroad Outlaws has more than 5 million ratings on the Google Play Store, it’s obvious that they’re headed toward being a well-known racing game company.

Offroad Outlaws Gameplay

The racing game Offroad Outlaws is really addictive. Even the most skilled cyclists will find the terrain to be difficult.

Start the car if you’re prepared, then drive quickly to overcome the obstacle. Additionally, the game gives you the chance to display your driving prowess. Will such a situation result in an outstanding performance or an unanticipated accident?

Offroad Outlaws Gameplay
Offroad Outlaws Gameplay

Players need to be extremely focused and have quick reflexes to handle collision scenarios in order to prevent that pity.

Players have the option of driving a motorcycle in addition to SUVs on the course. The map system in Offroad Outlaws is varied; certain courses are appropriate for four-wheeled vehicles and others are appropriate for two-wheeled vehicles. In order to make the right decision, players rely on their prior knowledge.

Taking it off-road

Although we still love the classic racing games, off-road racing is inherently more thrilling. Players will notice that the gameplay reflects the fact that this is a more severe sport. This game is a wonderful gem for lovers of off-road adventure thanks to a number of fantastic features.

The diverse and attractive vehicle system

The game’s first contribution is its many vehicle models, varied areas, challenging terrain, and stunning visual effects. The game makes a commitment to not let down racing game fans.

The diverse and attractive vehicle system
The diverse and attractive vehicle system

Offroad Outlaws will present us with Monster automobiles, terrain, and vehicles, in contrast to Torque Burnout, which frequently features the top supercars in the world, like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Audi. Sports and muscle cars with multiple uses. They arrive in a serene and strong shape, prepared to charge into the race like a deity.

Attention to detail

Your vehicle can be customized however you like, even with extremely intricate upgrades that “truck people” will adore. You may add an I-Beam arrangement to the front and a solid axle to the back of your vehicle, change the paint job and tow a load off the rear.

Change the acceleration, stiffness, suspension, and more as you please. Make yours the best off-road vehicle possible to advance as a real outback champion.

Premium graphics and special effects

Nothing, in our opinion, can be faulted with the visual presentation of games. The game simulates genuine steering with rich sound effects and realistic graphic features including collision situations, landing sceneries, or swimming streams.

However, the low configuration machines will lag when playing due to the high configuration. For a better experience, you can also lower the graphics setting to a low level in the settings area.

Premium graphics and special effects
Premium graphics and special effects

There are numerous adjustments available in the Options area. However, you should just focus on the Controls area to set the controls appropriately and Sound & Display to change the sound and image quality in accordance with the system configuration.

Make your own maps

You can create your own using the map editor in addition to riding around the in-game levels. This is a fantastic feature that enables you to control how you want to own the game. Create a network of rivers that flow through a mountain range and into a wetland.

Build anything you desire; the choice is entirely yours! There will be both fans and detractors of this game feature. It’s a fantastic addition to a well-developed game that allows players to really give it their own unique spin. Get active.

Download Offroad Outlaws MOD APK for Android

Not everyone has the financial means to own a racing vehicle and use it to navigate rocky and muddy terrain. Why not use Offroad Outlaws to get a genuine feeling in order to fulfill your dream?

As Battle Creek Games promises many interesting new features in the future update, Offroad Outlaws will continue to grow and expand. Install the game on your Android device, face off against challenging foes, and show everyone you’re the best racer!

Download Offroad Outlaws [189.88 Mb]
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