Mobdro APK v2.2.8 (Working 100%)

smrana - September 14, 2022

Mobdro APK Streaming apps have become a demand in the past years. Popular ones such as Netflix, Hulu and Pocket TV APK are part of the

Mobdro APK
Name Mobdro
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version v2.2.8
Size 17.7M
MOD Working 100%
Category Entertainment
Developer Mobdro
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Features +

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Mobdro APK Streaming apps have become a demand in the past years. Popular ones such as Netflix, Hulu and Pocket TV APK are part of the mainstream media nowadays where they even have a phrase dedicated to it “Netflix and Chill”.

These streaming platforms provide you with every media need you want in an instant. But the problem is that they come at a cost. Their plan starts at $9 per month for the cheapest one and it can go as high as $16. For most folks, they don’t have money to spare for this. That’s why we give to you today the best Netflix alternative – Mobdro APK. Learn everything about it here. Read on!

What is Mobdro?

Back during the days, you can enjoy your favorite tv shows by watching them through television. The only problem is you have to wait for their fixed time slot in order to watch them. Furthermore, only 1 episode is released daily or weekly which would be problematic now. As for movies, you need to go to cinemas and purchase tickets in order watch them.

But thanks to the advancement in technology, we can watch movies and tv shows now on demand. That means we don’t have to wait a long time or download them illegally in torrents. Thanks to the existence of huge streaming platforms, this was all made possible.

What is Mobdro?
What is Mobdro?

That same technology is now present in Mobdro. This revolutionary app allows you to stream any tv show, movies and more whenever and wherever you are. The existence of this video streaming applications make life easier for all of us. But take note that they only collect movies and shows from many sources and tv channels worldwide. But even with just this, it can make your life extremely easier and convenient.

Features of Mobdro

To understand how this revolutionary app works and what it offers, let’s take a quick breakdown of its features. This isn’t your ordinary streaming app as it aims to help you with all of your media needs and provides them all in one convenient place for you to enjoy. With that said, here are Mobdro’s features:

Clean and User-Friendly Interface

Mobdro offers insane content without asking for any payment. This usually isn’t the case with video streaming apps! On top of that, they provide seamless and clean design. This is so you can navigate your way through an endless collection of tv shows and movies! For starters, you can open the app without registering for an account. This isn’t usually the case for even the most popular streaming apps. Then, you’ll see that everything is arranged by categories such ash channels, news, live, sports, trailers, music, gaming, tech, animals, funny and lifestyle.

This means you can literally watch hundreds of media content and still haven’t scratched the surface of this app. What’s even more helpful is the fact that you can search your favorite tv show or movies from their intuitive search bar.


As we’ve said earlier, Mobdro categorizes everything to help you find content easily. Furthermore, the app uses the viewing interface of YouTube which means that you can like, share and comment directly on the app! But you need to log in to your Google account in order to do that! How convenient and easy is that?

Chromecast compatible

When you are at your home and you want to enjoy your favorite tv shows and movies on the big screen, Mobdro supports Chromecast as well! You just need to properly configure the Chromecast so you can start watching your favorite videos from your Android to your big screen tv! No need to do anything else, just connect it and you’re done!

Save and share your favorite videos

Although Mobdro isn’t a social media platform, it can function like one too! When you want to save a video for later consumption, you can definitely do that by tapping the bookmark button. You can also share your favorite videos to your friends with just one touch. Send them via email or your social media accounts. This way, you and your friends can enjoy everything that Mobdro has to offer.

High-quality videos

Mobdro provides you with a wide range of videos right at your fingertips. But did you know that they are of high-quality as well? Forget about shaky cams and low-quality footage from torrents, in this app, you can get a whole better experience!

Mobdro Premium

Mobdro also has a premium version which you can unlock for free below. But in order to appreciate it, here’s the breakdown of what you can get when you download it:

Remove ads

Who loves ads? No one right? It’s especially annoying when you are excited to watch a video only to get ads right before you stream it.

Remove ads
Remove ads

It takes a whole lot of patience not to break your phone after this experience, right? Don’t worry as with the premium version of Mobdro, you don’t have to suffer with ads ever again! Enjoy premium streaming experience on the go and without interruptions right at your fingertips.

Unlimited downloads

If you love a video so much so that you want to download it, you can do it as well with the premium version! Download unlimited videos for free for later consumption and at high speeds as well. This is a much faster version than the free one to satisfy your media content needs. Now, you don’t need to download pirated movies off of torrents.

Sleep timer

In order to conserve battery and network data, you can time your movie consumption up to a certain time. After that, it automatically stops the stream for you! How convenient, right?

Download Mobdro [17.7M]
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