Lumber Inc Mod APK 1.4.12 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

smrana - October 3, 2022

Lumber Inc Mod APK There are a huge number of trees in the world, and they are used nowadays for a wide range of products. Sponge, chewing gum

Lumber Inc Mod APK
Name Lumber Inc
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.4.12
Size 177.61 Mb
MOD Unlimited Money, Gems
Category Simulation
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Features +

Menu Mod:

  • Unlimited money
  • No ads

Lumber Inc Mod APK There are a huge number of trees in the world, and they are used nowadays for a wide range of products. Sponge, chewing gum, tattoos, paper, rubber, petrol, auto wax, hair dye, cocoa, and many other products are made from trees.

Despite the ease with which lumber can now be obtained, you will also need qualified laborers to assist you. If you’re interested, download Lumber Inc right away. There are many of things to do at a lumber firm. You can use lumber to launch a business in this game!

The only way to get lumber in this place is to plant trees. Growing trees takes years in the real world, but in this place it just takes a few days. This then frees you up to concentrate on other aspects of your business, including training your lumberjacks and developing your machinery to process logs more quickly. Then you may bring on more staff, train them, and expand your company to even greater heights. Additionally, you can upgrade several machinery and buy automobiles.

Lumber Inc of Features

Lumber Inc Mod Apk combines both opulent features and traditional gameplay mechanics to give users an exceptional business experience. Users have the opportunity to use their company expertise, sales, and marketing strategies to generate revenue. Below, we’ve covered the in-depth gaming components.

Buy your land and grows your own forest

Users have the opportunity to explore their business life in the items related to trees in Lumber Inc Mod Apk. By acquiring the land here and hiring workers to plant and maintain the trees or forest, anyone interested in the lumber and logs can establish their own forest.

Buy your land and grows your own forest
Buy your land and grows your own forest

In this universe, planting trees doesn’t take years because the results would be straightforward. Plant plants and hire workers to create your own forest. Please make use of their offerings and immediately utilize the lumber you have harvested. Utilize them in your business so you may grow and become wealthy.

Become the Lumber King

There are quite a few businesses operating in the world today, many of them are for profit. People are considering various company ideas today in order to meet consumer demand and generate profit. This helps to generate a large number of jobs and maintain economic stability. So, Lumber Inc is the game for you if you want to build a business using trees. To make money in this situation, you will need to plant trees, gather logs, and sell them.

Become the Lumber King
Become the Lumber King

You can currently take control of a lumber company in this game. You will be in charge of overseeing everything in this place, from managing the forests to boosting sales. You must plant trees in this location and harvest them as well. To help you with this, you’ll then need to hire planters and lumberjacks. In addition, you’ll need to purchase and upgrade equipment like forklifts, log trucks, milling chains, and many more.

Be the best Entrepreneur and earn money

You can unlock the iconic opportunities to enjoy your company world with Lumber Inc Mod Apk. Create your company’s name in the manufacturing of lumber items and purchase property to plant trees. Expand productions and hire workers undertaking a variety of tasks. Purchase manufacturing equipment and equipment to support business expansion.

To make money, you must move your product to numerous locations and conduct sales. Hire money and establish a successful industrial table name. Harvest, make, move, and profit. To become the richest businessman, concentrate on sales and grow your workforce, lands, and other resources.


Get the Mod for Lumber Inc. Apk to take advantage of being a business owner in the tree-related sector. You must carry out a number of tasks, such as planting trees, collecting logs and lumber, and producing related goods using the available machinery, warehouses, and other facilities.

You must also hire laborers to carry out a variety of other tasks, such as running a business and selling and distributing wood-related goods throughout the target market. You have infinite money and coins in this mod, allowing you to hire workers for free and easily, earn money, and enjoy life.

Download Lumber Inc [177.61 Mb]
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