FL Studio Mobile APK 4.0.16

smrana - September 8, 2022

FL Studio Mobile APK For those of you who’re looking for a capable mobile app to finalize your amazing pieces of singing or mixtape, you can

FL Studio Mobile APK
Name FL Studio Mobile
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 4.0.16
Size 235.86 Mb
Category Music & Audio Editor
Developer Image-Line
Price Free
Google Play Link com.imageline.FLM
MOD Features +

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FL Studio Mobile APK For those of you who’re looking for a capable mobile app to finalize your amazing pieces of singing or mixtape, you can now put your trust in FL Studio Mobile. That being said, the awesome app from Image-Line will complete your ultimate music maker collection with the famous Voloco and Groovepad. Now, Android users can have fun with their exciting music experiences as they fully dive into the awesome music making and audio editing features that the app has to offer.

Enjoy yourself with the simple and intuitive music app of FL Studio Mobile as you have fun with the interesting in-app features. Use it to edit and refine any piece of your recorded audio or singing. The useful and effective features in FL Studio Mobile will help you easily finalize your world with great results. Feel free to have fun with the awesome music experiences as you progress.

Find out more about the awesome music app with our complete reviews.

What does it do?

To all of you who’re interested in making music, you can now have your recorded singings and brilliantly edited audio properly exported using FL Studio Mobile. That being said, the app would work just like a mobile music studio, in which users can make uses of its interesting features to create amazing works.

Feel free to choose your favorite pieces of music as you progress through the awesome in-game experiences of FL Studio Mobile. Get access to the intuitive track-based interface, in which you can easily what is needed and what’s missing in your mixes. Make any changes as you wish to enjoy the most amazing mixes from your mobile devices.

What does it do?
What does it do?

Find yourself having fun with the amazing mobile music making experiences right on your Android devices. And at the same time, learn to become a professional audio manager with all the important skills and features that will be introduced to you through its intuitive guides. Always find yourself immersed in the world of amazing musical possibilities in FL Studio Mobile.


To use the app, you’re only required to have a standard Android device that runs on Android 4.1 or up. Otherwise, you can have it up and running whenever you want to. Also, it’s recommended that you use a high-end phone for the final editing as the process will require a decent hardware capability. Generally speaking, you’ll find it extremely easy and effective, to make refined pieces of music on your FL Studio Mobile app.

FL Studio Mobile App Features

All Instruments

FL Studio Mobile APK OBB comes with all of the instruments. From the high-quality synthesizers, and drum sets, to the customizable keyboard. You can access all of the instruments and play the same with ease. As all of the instruments are of high quality, you won’t feel like playing the artificial instruments.

All Instruments
All Instruments

The high-quality instruments can be played on the screen and also used with musical presets. Piano touch keys with a variety of notes, and a drum set with all of the sub-instruments help you feel like using the premium music application for Android.

Variety in Location

FL Studio Mobile isn’t just a unique mixing app. There’s no longer any requirement to have every instrument present for your mixes. Rather, FLS can mimic the sounds, tones, and basses, of the entire spectrum of musical notes in the world.

Imagine creating a hit new song or mix and your friends asking, “How did you do it?”. To their surprise, you can tell them it was all done with just a single smartphone.


Aside from that, FL Studio Mobile for Android will grant you the effects necessary to edit your sounds. Bring audio experiences to the very limits with these effects:

  • Auto Ducker
  • Auto Pitch
  • Chorus
  • Compressor
  • Delays
  • Distortion
  • Equalizer
  • Flanger
  • Limiter
  • Phaser
  • Reverb
  • Stereoizer
  • Tuner

Continue to experiment with all of the tools and you’ll find some surprising results. There are more than enough resources to create sounds that are specifically unique to you. Everyone can learn how to be a signature and iconic mixer!


Some additional mixer options will also feature:

  • Effect Bus
  • Per-Track Mute
  • Pan
  • Solo
  • Volume

Utilizing these different options will have transitional effects sounding smooth and crisp. Create beat drops, rises, solos, and more through the use of these different features.

Clean and User-Friendly

With all of the tools before your very eyes, mixing isn’t a difficult process. Even novices will be able to look over our previously mentioned guide and get to work! New or seasoned, all DJ’s are welcome to test their skills with the FL Studio Music Mixer.

Download FL Studio Mobile APK Latest Version

The best music maker a is right before your very eyes! The FL Studio Mobile APK 2021 version is free to download from our site. This an awesome music creator app will give you that extra push in producing stunning tracks effortlessly!

Download FL Studio Mobile [235.86 Mb]
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