Express VPN Mod APK 10.54.0 (Unlimited trials enabled)

smrana - September 11, 2022

Express VPN Mod APK The internet has become a necessity in the 21st century. Billions of people rely on it for entertainment, news updates

Express VPN Mod APK
Name Express VPN
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 10.54.0
Size 10.79 Mb
MOD Unlimited trials enabled
Category Tools
Developer ExpressVPN
Price Free
Google Play Link com.expressvpn.vpn
MOD Features +

Menu Mod:

  • Unlimited trials enabled
  • Use any random email for signup
  • No ads

Note: Please install the Free VPN Tomato app on google play -> Open it -> click Go before opening ExpressVPN Mod



Express VPN Mod APK The internet has become a necessity in the 21st century. Billions of people rely on it for entertainment, news updates and more. For some, it’s merely a means for entertainment but for some, they rely on it for their jobs. But whatever you use the internet for, it can’t be denied that its impact is long-lasting.

But what many people don’t know is that they’re IP addresses aren’t safe anymore. Internet companies are constantly monitoring the IP addresses of everyone and sells it to other companies. Another problem people might have been that certain websites may be restricted to them by the government. In these cases, a Virtual Private Network or VPN does wonders. It eliminates all these problems plus provides you with additional features you didn’t know you need. Are you curious to know more about Express VPN? Read on!

What does it do?

Here in ExpressVPN, Android users can find themselves enjoying the unlocked Internet with complete access to all websites and online services, using the enabled VPN connections in the app. Here, the app will enable your complete anonymity while browsing the Internet. Simply enable the VPN app then use any of your browsers to browse the Internet. Here, you’ll have all the internet activities and traffic completely encrypted, making them impossible to track.

What does it do?
What does it do?

Also, with the encrypted connection, your devices are also protected from hacking and tracking attempts from scams. Always have the Internet firewall ready to block any harmful content from entering your devices.

And last but not least, Express VPN will provide the option to change your devices’ online locations so you can easily access geo-blocked websites, games, or apps. Using the secured IP masking protocols, ExpressVPN will protect and allow you to freely explore the online world.

Features of Express VPN

When it comes to data privacy, Express VPN doesn’t disappoint. Aside from allowing you access to blocked websites, you’ll also be offered additional features not available to other VPN apps. This is why this app remains one of the best out there with their exceptional service and privacy-securing capabilities. With that said, here are the features of this awesome app:

Fast connections

A lot of apps claim to be the best VPN out there but underdeliver on the connection speed. You’ll suffer through a slow speed once you download them.

Fast connections
Fast connections

However, Express VPN begs to differ as the app offers exceptionally high-speed connections. This means wherever you are, you can be assured that your data privacy remains protected while giving you fast connection speeds you can enjoy.

145 locations worldwide

One of the key differences of Express VPN from other VPN apps is their wide VPN location offerings. Most VPN apps only offer a dozen or maybe a few more. However, Express VPN offers 145 locations from 6 continents! This means that whatever location you need, Express VPN probably has it! Now you can enjoy anonymous searching or search for your favorite websites as they see it on other countries! This gives you a lot of opportunities for you to enjoy anonymous browsing!

VPN Turbo

Did you know that connecting to public WIFI leaves your smartphone more vulnerable than anything else? Hackers can easily get into your banking apps and steal all your money. They can even get into your personal messages and all the valuable information you have on your phone! So, how can you protect your data from this? Express VPN has a feature called VPN Turbo that protects your data from hackers when you connect to a public WIFI hotspot. You no longer have to worry about your data being tracked or stolen ever again with this feature.

Protect your privacy

Some VPN apps give you security and internet anonymity at the cost of your own data! We never know if they’re spying on you while using the app and selling your data to big companies! However, with Express VPN, you can be assured that you’ll be provided with strict privacy policy.

Protect your privacy
Protect your privacy

This means that they record no activity logs and connection logs ever! This means that the app is as safe to use as your banking apps. No need to be worried about your data being stolen anymore.

Platform Availability

One of the best things that this app offers are the availability to all platforms. You can install it for your Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs and more! Now you don’t have to worry about any of your devices not being protected from hackers and data stealers! Just install ExpressVPN and enjoy more than 3,000 VPN servers to connect from. You’ll have unlimited speed and bandwidth and best of all – you are internet safe!

24/7 customer care

In the world of VPN, you need to be able to connect to their service all the time to be connected. However, problems arise sometimes and we can’t control these. This is why having a 24/7 customer service available can really change your life. Whatever problem you have, you can just ask them and you’ll get answers in seconds! You can ask their customer support through live chat support or email! This means you can get real live messages from their stellar workers! You don’t need to worry about data privacy problems because they have your back.

Final verdicts

Along with the famous VPN providers of Touch VPN and a few others, this interesting mobile app from Betternet LLC should definitely impress you with many of its useful features.

Get ready to connect to the unblocked Internet with Express VPN enabled on your mobile devices. Here, the awesome mobile application provides tons of interesting features and allows you to freely access the Internet.

Download Express VPN [10.79 Mb]
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