Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK 1.8.19 (Unlimited money, gold)

smrana - October 10, 2022

Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK The media has recently helped to popularize zombies. Their ascent to fame can be attributed to today's top TV shows

Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK
Name Dead Trigger 2
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.8.19
Size 44.39 Mb
MOD Unlimited money, gold
Category Action
Developer MADFINGER Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.madfingergames.deadtrigger2
MOD Features +

Menu Mod:

  • Unlimited ammo
  • Great money reward

The media has recently helped to popularize zombies. Their ascent to fame can be attributed to today’s top TV shows, films, and video games. But there isn’t much disagreement over which zombie survival game is the greatest when it comes to smartphones.

The second game in the series, Dead Trigger 2, was created by Madfinger Games. Over 10 million people downloaded the first game in the series from Google Play alone. Now that a sequel has been produced, it shouldn’t be disregarded either! Are you eager to become the best zombie slayer there is?

Before the Apocalypse

This is not how the world always was. An international pandemic struck in 2012 in an instant. It threatened to spread further and converted billions of humans into zombies. Medical institutions and staff had absolutely no chance of stopping this enigmatic disease that transforms individuals into zombies.

After a few years, the sickness had further spread, and stronger varieties of zombies were in the area. Only a small number of survivors you, the game’s protagonist are left, and they play a variety of roles, including engineer, smuggler, gunsmith, scientist, medic, and medic.

Before the Apocalypse
Before the Apocalypse

To try to exterminate the zombies, you and your team build a safe house and tour 33 other nations. You can play an infinite number of heart-pounding situations thanks to the more than 600 available. Find the remedy to restore humanity to its previous splendor. Do you believe you have what it takes?

What is Dead Trigger 2 APK?

Dead Trigger 2 is a fantastic action simulation game in which the players must complete specific missions that will be assigned to them by a higher agency. This agency will also instruct them about various situations in which you must kill zombies and protect yourself from their attacks. You will be given some weapons with which to shoot zombies.

Dead Trigger 2 Gameplay

Speaking of gameplay, combines various elements, like survival, role-playing, action, horror, and zombies, into a first-person shooter.

Dead Trigger 2 Gameplay
Dead Trigger 2 Gameplay

Instead of going along tracks as you do in the majority of other mobile games, large open environments with free moving allow you to effortlessly get to any spot you desire. That allows you to play whatever you like, move haphazardly, and eliminate all the advancing zombies with powerful weapons or even bombs.

Take Guidance from Experts

Dead Trigger 2 differs from other zombie video games in that you will be coached through the game by a professional organization that will assist you to learn about your surroundings and potential hazards. The specialists will inform you of the severity of the various zombie attacks and will show you how to deal with some stubborn zombies that are challenging to eliminate. Additionally, they will inform you of the best ways to increase the variety of weaponry in your arsenal.


The graphics of Dead Trigger 2 are quite amazing because to the usage of Unity technology. Good image quality and high-quality graphics.

Dead Trigger 2 Graphics
Dead Trigger 2 Graphics

Although the game’s scenery is exquisitely detailed and created, it yet runs smoothly. You can definitely feel the smoke, fire, and dust effects on each frame if you turn the graphics up to Ultra High, but you need a device with a very high configuration to make sure the game plays smoothly.

Download Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK for Android

Overall, the zombie first-person shooter Dead Trigger 2 is fantastic. This game is worth your time if you enjoy battling horrifying zombies and exploring the world of horror. You may download for free from the links provided below the article on iOS and Android.

Download Dead Trigger 2 [44.39 Mb]
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