Mod APK 2.14.10516 (VIP Unlocked)

smrana - September 21, 2022 Mod APK The emergence of the internet has brought about a new wave of influencers – ones that focused on having internet fans. Mod APK
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 2.14.10516
Size 91.99 Mb
MOD VIP Unlocked
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer Sweet Selfie Inc.
Price Free
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Description Mod APK The emergence of the internet has brought about a new wave of influencers – ones that focused on having internet fans. That’s why the need for video editing apps have gone up to produce more video content. That’s where video editing apps come in. They offer convenience, ease of use and compatibility with most video types! Pro is a free music video maker with effects that has over 1 million downloads in Google Play Store as of now. But why exactly is this popular when there are literally thousands of video editing apps out there? Well, for one, has plenty of ready-made templates that will make your life easier! If you want to know more about this awesome app, read on!

What is

In its simplest term, is a free HD music video maker and photo slideshow maker. Think of it as your gallery editor but on steroids! It’s packed full of features that will allow you to create stunning video content to share with the world.

We all know that being an influencer or creating your own videos requires hard work. This is especially true if you use advanced video editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas or Filmora. Well, you can always learn to use this software but there’s going to be a big learning curve. And most people would rather watch a movie than learning something that’s going to take them weeks or even months!

What is
What is

That’s where Pro comes in. This super convenient video editing app has everything you need to create stunning masterpieces. Whether you’re a YouTuber trying to grow you followers, or a guy who just wants to create videos for your family – this is for you! Since Pro comes with tons of free customizable templates, you can literally create hundreds of videos without breaking a sweat!

Aside from that, it also offers features such as transitions, free music, and a free video maker for most social media platforms today including TikTok! So, why use the hard-to-learn editing tools when you can just download Pro and start creating videos today? If you are excited to know more about its features, read on!


For those of you who are interested, you can easily install the awesome mobile application of for free on the Google Play Store. Feel free to make uses of many available features within the app to easily work on your videos or photos. But since it’s a freemium app, there are still ads and in-app purchases that you’ll have to pay for.

And to make sure that the app can function properly, you will need to provide it with certain access permissions, which are needed to enable all the in-app features. So make sure to pay attention to the given requests and accept them.

Plus, the app will need your devices to be running at the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.4 and up.

Full-featured music video maker

Get ready to immerse yourself in the awesome application of with a lot of features for you to work with. Enjoy making brilliant music videos with extremely high quality. Feel free to try out multiple music video templates with amazing effects and awesome pieces of editing. All it takes is for you to add your own content and enjoy working on your own creative creations.

Full-featured music video maker
Full-featured music video maker

Plus, with the distinctive transitions that follow the rhythmic music are really special to look at. And if you ever want to use slideshows for your music videos, will give you this option. Enjoy working with many in-app features and make the most of it.

Easily add photos to your videos

As for the available photos, you can also choose to add them into your videos to create further editing experiences. Have fun creating brilliant music videos with amazing photos without losing their quality. And also enable the different presets for your YouTube, Instagram, pages, and more. Choose any editable assets and turn them into brilliant pieces of work with

Add any music and audio files to your videos

And of course, you’ll have the option to add music and any audio files into your selected videos. Starting by working with many background music from the mobile app. Feel free to find awesome background music that you would find interesting and try to create something with them.

Add any music and audio files to your videos
Add any music and audio files to your videos

Also, add music to your videos and slideshows to quickly introduce your amazing MVs. Plus, with the added video effects and standard editing features, you can comfortably work on improving the mobile app.

Quickly create brilliant slideshows

As mentioned, the awesome application of will allow its users to create brilliant slideshows on their mobile devices. Feel free to use any available footage on your mobile devices and attempt to create brilliant slideshows with them. Also add effects and perform standard edits on your videos like normal.

Enjoy the unlocked app on our website

Last but not least, thanks to the unlocked application of on our website, Android users will have more chances of improving their expereinces. Feel free to engage yourself in many brilliant setups in and accessible features. And never find yourself getting bothered by ads and in-app purchases. All you need is to download the MOD APK, follow the given instructions, and start walking away with many useful features from the app.

Final verdicts

Fans of the awesome applications of Funimate and InShot will have themselves the final puzzle to complete their video and photo editing trio. Feel free to make uses of these amazing apps to effectively create your creative content. And most importantly, with the awesome application of available, Android users can really work on improving their videos, especially if you are planning on your creative music videos.

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